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2008 & before

171. "Stretchable Encapsulation Materials with High Dynamic Water Resistivity and Tissue-Matching Elasticity "Y. Shao, S. Yan, J. Li, Z. Pedraza, T. Zhou, M. Hsieh, B. Liu, T. Li, L. Gu, Y. Zhao, Y. Dong, B. Yin, and X. Wang* ACS Applied Materials & Interfaces, 2022, 14, 18935?18943. pdf support information

170. "Nucleation Kinetics and Structure Evolution of Quasi-Two-Dimensional ZnO at the Air每Water Interface: An In Situ Time-Resolved Grazing Incidence X-ray Scattering Study "Z. Zhang, C. Carlos, Y. Wang, Y. Dong, X. Yin, L. German, K. Berg, W. Bu, and X. Wang* Nano Lett., 2022, 22, 3040?3046. pdf support information

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169. "Mesoporous Ultrathin In2O3 Nanosheet Cocatalysts on a Silicon Nanowire Photoanode for Efficient Photoelectrochemical Water Splitting "G. Yan,* Y. Dong, T. Wu, S. Xing,* and X. Wang* ACS Applied Materials & Interfaces, 2021, 13, 52912?52920. pdf support information

168. "Accelerated complete human skin architecture restoration after wounding by nanogenerator-driven electrostimulation "A. Liu, Y. Long, J. Li, L. Gu, A. Karim, X. Wang*, A. L. Gibson* Journal of Nanobiotechnology, 2021, 19, 280. pdf support information

167. "Quasi-Two-Dimensional Earth-Abundant Bimetallic Electrocatalysts for Oxygen Evolution Reactions "Y. Zhao, Y. Wang, Y. Dong, C. Carlos, J. Li, Z. Zhang, T. Li, Y. Shao, S. Yan, L. Gu, J. Wang, X. Wang* ACS Energy Lett., 2021, 6, 3367-3375. pdf support information

166. "Long-term in vivo operation of implanted cardiac nanogenerators in swine "J. Li, T. Hacker,*, H. Wei, Y. Long, F. Yang, D. Ni, A. Rodgers, W. Cai*, X. Wang* Nano Energy,2021, 90, 106507. pdf support information

165. "Bulk Ferroelectric Metamaterial with Enhanced Piezoelectric and Biomimetic Mechanical Properties from Additive Manufacturing "J. Li, F. Yang, Y. Long, Y. Dong, Y. Wang, X. Wang* ACS Nano, 2021, 15, 14903-14914. pdf support information

164. "Materials Perspectives for Self-Powered Cardiac Implantable Electronic Devices toward Clinical Translation " J. Li, X. Wang* Acc. Mater. Res., 2021, 2, 739-750. pdf

163. "Wafer-scale heterostructured piezoelectric bio-organic thin films "F. Yang, J. Li, Y. Long, Z. Zhang, L. Wang, J. Sui, Y. Dong, Y. Wang, R. Taylor, D. Ni, W. Cai, P. Wang, T. Hacker, X. Wang* Science, 2021, 373, 337每342. pdf support information

162. "A self-powered implantable and bioresorbable electrostimulation device for biofeedback bone fracture healing "G. Yao, L. Kang, C. Li, S. Chen, Q. Wang, J. Yang, Y. Long, J. Li, K. Zhao, W. Xu, W. Cai, Y. Lin, X. Wang* PNAS, 2021, 118, e2100772118. pdf support information

161. "Bioresorbable Primary Battery Anodes Built on Core每Double-Shell Zinc Microparticle Networks "Y. Dong, J. Li, F. Yang, Y. Wang, Z. Zhang, J. Wang, Y. Long, X. Wang* ACS Applied Materials & Interfaces, 2021, 13, 12, 14275每14282. pdf support information

160. "Thickness-Dependent Piezoelectric Property from Quasi-Two-Dimensional Zinc Oxide Nanosheets with Unit Cell Resolution " C. Carlos, Y. Wang, J. Wang, J. Li, X. Wang Research, 2021 (2021). pdf support information

159. "Wearable and Implantable Electroceuticals for Therapeutic Electrostimulations " Y. Long, J. Li, F. Yang, J. Wang, X.D. Wang Advanced Science, 8, 2004023 (2021). pdf

158. "Energy Harvesting Floor from Commercial Cellulosic Materials for a Self-Powered Wireless Transmission Sensor System " L. Gu, L. German, T. Li, J. Li, Y. Shao, Y. Long, J. Wang, X.D. Wang ACS Applied Materials & Interfaces, 2021, 13 (4), 5133-5141. pdf support information

157. "Self-powered liquid chemical sensors based on solid每liquid contact electrification " Z. Ying, Y. Long, F. Yang, Y. Dong, J. Li, Z. Zhang, X.D. Wang Analyst, 2021, 146, 1656-1662 pdf support information

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156. "Two-dimensional nonlayered materials for electrocatalysis " Y. Wang, Z. Zhang, Y. Mao, X.D. Wang Energy & Environmental Science, 2020, 13, 3993-4016.pdf

155. "In vitro study of enhanced photodynamic cancer cell killing effect by nanometer-thick gold nanosheets " Z. Zhang, D. Ni, F. Wang, X. Yin, S. Goel, L. G. German, Y. Wang, J. Li, W. Cai, and X.D. Wang Nano Research, 13, 3217-3223 (2020) pdf support information

154. "Prevention of Hepatic Ischemia-Reperfusion Injury by Carbohydrate-Derived Nanoantioxidants " Y. Long, H. Wei, J. Li, M. Li, Y. Wang, Z. Zhang, T. Cao, C. Carlos, L. G. German, D. Jiang, T. Sun, J. W. Engle, X. Lan, Y. Jiang, W. Cai, and X.D. Wang Nano Lett. , 2020, 20, 9, 6510每6519.pdf support information

153. "Respiration坼driven triboelectric nanogenerators for biomedical applications " J. Li, Y.Long, F. Yang, and X.D. Wang EcoMat, 2020, 2, e12045. pdf

152. "Multifunctional Artificial Artery from Direct 3D Printing with Built坼In Ferroelectricity and Tissue坼Matching Modulus for Real坼Time Sensing and Occlusion Monitoring " J. Li, Y.Long, F. Yang, H. Wei, Z. Zhang, Y. Wang, J. Wang, C. Li, C. Carlos, Y. Dong, Y. Wu, W. Cai, and X.D. Wang Adv. Func. Mater. 2020, 30, 002868 pdf support information

151. "Implementation of ferroelectric materials in photocatalytic and photoelectrochemical water splitting" Y. Li, J. Li, W. Yang and X.D. Wang Nanoscale Horiz, 2020, 5, 1174-1187.pdf

150. "Selenium坼Doped Carbon Quantum Dots Act as Broad坼Spectrum Antioxidants for Acute Kidney Injury Management" Z. Rosenkrans, T. Sun, D. Jiang, W. Chen, T. Barnhart, Z. Zhang, C. Ferreira, X.D. Wang, J. Engle, P. Huang, W. Cai Adv. Sci., 2020, 2000420.

149. "Piezoelectric Nanocellulose Thin Film with Large-Scale Vertical Crystal Alignment " J. Wang, C. Carlos, Z. Zhang, J. Li, Y.Long, F. Yang, Y. Dong, X. Qiu, Y. Qian, and X.D. Wang ACS Appl. Mater. Interfaces, 2020, 12, 23. pdf support information

148. "Memristive Behavior Enabled by Amorphous每Crystalline 2D Oxide Heterostructure" X. Yin, Y. Wang, T. Chang, P. Zhang, J. Li, P. Xue, Y. Long, J. Shohet, P. Voyles, Z. Ma, and X.D. Wang Adv. Mater. , 2020, 32, 2000801 pdf support information

147. "Non-contact cylindrical rotating triboelectric nanogenerator for harvesting kinetic energy from hydraulics " N. Zhang, C. Qin, T. Feng, J. Li, Z. Yang, X. Sun, E. Liang, Y. Mao, and X.D. Wang Nano Res., 2020: 1-5. pdf support information

146. "Nanoparticle-Decorated Ultrathin La2O3 Nanosheets as an Efficient Electrocatalysis for Oxygen Evolution Reactions " G. Yan, Y. Wang, Z. Zhang, Y. Dong, J. Wang, C. Carlos, P. Zhang, Z. Cao, Y. Mao, and X.D. Wang Nanomicro Lett., 2020, 12(1): 1-12. pdf support information

145. "Degradable piezoelectric biomaterials for wearable and implantable bioelectronics " J. Li, Y. Long, F. Yang, and X.D. Wang Curr. Opin. Solid St. M., 2020, 100806. pdf

144. "Tailored TiO2 Protection Layer Enabled Efficient and Stable Microdome Structured p坼GaAs Photoelectrochemical Cathodes " S. Cao, Z. Kang, Y. Yu, J. Du, L. German, J. Li, X. Yan, X.D. Wang, and Y. Zhang Adv. Energy Mater., 2020, 10(9): 1902985. pdf support information

143. "Polymer-based Nanogenerator for Biomedical Applications" J. Li, Y. Long and X.D. Wang Chem. Res. Chin. Univ., 2020, 36,41-54. pdf

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142. "Enhanced Ferromagnetism from Organic每Cerium Oxide Hybrid Ultrathin Nanosheets" G. Yan, Y. Wang, Z. Zhang, J. Li, C. Carlos, L.N. German, C. Zhang, J. Wang, P.M. Voyles, and X.D. Wang ACS Appl. Mater. Interfaces, 2019, 11, 44601-44608. pdf support information

141. "Bioinspired Synthesis of Quasi-Two-Dimensional Monocrystalline Oxides" Y. Wang, Y. Shi, Z. Zhang, C. Carlos, C. Zhang, K. Bhawnani, J. Li, J. Wang, P.M. Voyles, I. Szlufarska, and X.D. Wang Chem. Mater., 2019, 31,21,9040-9048. pdf support information

140. "Massive Vacancy Concentration Yields Strong Room-Temperature Ferromagnetism in Two-Dimensional ZnO"X. Yin, Y. Wang, R. Jacobs, Y. Shi, I. Szlufarska, D. Morgan, and X.D. Wang Nano Letter, 2019, 19, 7085-7092 pdf support information

139. "Self-Activated Electrical Stimulation for Effective Hair Regeneration via a Wearable Omnidirectional Pulse Generator"G. Yao, D. Jiang, J. Li, L. Kang, S. Chen, Y. Long, Y. Wang, P. Huang, Y. Lin, W. Cai and X.D. Wang ACS Nano, 2019, 13, 12345每12356 pdf support information

138. "Influences of Screw Dislocations on Electroluminescence of AlGaN/AlN-based UVC LEDs "D. Liu, S. Cho, H. Zhang, C. Carlos, A. Kalapala, J. Park, J. Kim, R. Dalmau, J. Gong, B. Moody, X.D. Wang, J. Albrecht, W. Zhou, and Z. Ma AIP Advances, 2019, 9, 085128

137. "Diethyl Ether as Self-healing Electrolyte Additive Enabled Long-life Rechargeable Aqueous Zinc Ion Batteries"W. Xu, K. Zhao, W. Huo, Y. Wang, G. Yao, X. Gu, H. Cheng, L, Mai, C. Hu and X.D. Wang Nano Energy, 2019, 62: 275-281. pdf support information

136. "Level-expansion: A Statistical Sequential Design methodology with application to nanomaterial " X. Xu, Y. Hwang, T. Kim, F. Wang, X.D. Wang and P. Chien Journal of Quality Technology, 2019: 1-11

135. "P-type Silicon as Hole Supplier for Nitride-based UVC LEDs" S. Cho, D. Liu, J. Seo, R. Dalmau, K. Kim, J. Park, J. Gong, D. Zhao, F. Wang, X. Yin, Y. Jung, I. Lee, M. Kim, X.D. Wang, J.D. Albrecht, W. Zhou, B. Moody and Z. Ma New Journal of Physics, 2019, 21(2): 023011

134. "Germanium Photodiodes on Pyramidal Textured Surface by Metal-Assisted Chemical Etching" M. Kim, S. Yi, J. Kim, X. Yin, J. Li, J. Bong, D. Liu, S. Liu, A. Kvit, W. Zhou, X.D. Wang, Z. Yu, Z. Ma, and X. Li CLEO: Applications and Technology ,2019: JTh2A. 31

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133. "Lattice-mismatched Semiconductor Heterostructures" D. Liu, S. Cho, J. Seo, K. Kim, M. Kim, J. Shi, X. Yin, W. Choi, C. Zhang, J. Kim, M.A. Baboli, J. Park, J. Bong, I. Lee, J. Gong, S. Mikael, J. Ryu, P.K. Mohseni, X. Li, S. Gong, X.D. Wang and Z. Ma arXiv preprint arXiv ,2018,1812.10225.

132. "Effective Anti-Biofouling Enabled by Surface Electric Disturbance from Water Wave-Driven Nanogenerator" Y. Long, Y. Yu, X. Yin, J. Li, C. Carlos, X. Du, Y. Jiang and X.D. Wang Nano Energy, 2019, 57: 558-565. pdf support information

131. "Effective Weight Control via an Implanted Self-powered Vagus Nerve Stimulation Device" G. Yao, L. Kang, J. Li, Y. Long, C.A. Ferreira, J.J. Jeffery, Y. Lin, W. Cai and X.D. Wang Nat. Com., 9, 5349 (2018). pdf support information

130. "Piezotronic Modulations in Electro- and Photochemical Catalysis " X.D. Wang, G.S. Rohrer and H. Li MRS Bulletine, 43, 946-951 (2018). pdf

129. "Surface Gradient Ti-Doped MnO2 Nanowires for High-Rate and Long-Life Lithium Battery" K. Zhao, C. Sun, Y. Yu, Y. Dong, C. Zhang, C. Wang, P.M. Volyes, L. Mai and X.D. Wang ACS Appl. Mater. Interfaces, 10, 44376每44384 (2018). pdf support information

128. "Effective Wound Healing Enabled by Discrete Alternative Electric Fields from Wearable Nanogenerators " Y. Long, H. Wei, J. Li, G. Yao, B. Yu, D. Ni, A.F. Gibson, X. Lan, Y. Jiang, W. Cai and X.D. Wang ACS Nano, 12, 12533每12540 (2018). pdf support information

127. "Implanted Battery-Free Direct-Current Micro-Power Supply from in vivo Breath Energy Harvesting " J. Li, L. Kang, Y. Long, H. Wei, Y. Yu, Y. Wang, C.A. Ferreira, G. Yao, Z. Zhang, C. Carlos, L. German, X. Lan, W. Cai and X.D. Wang ACS Appl. Mater. Interfaces, 10, 42030每42038 (2018). pdf support information

126. "Metastable Intermediates in Amorphous Titanium Oxide: A Hidden Role Leading to Ultra-Stable Photoanode Protection " Y. Yu, C. Sun, X. Yin, J. Li, S. Cao, C. Zhang, P.M. Voyles and X.D. Wang Nano Lett., 18, 5335-5342 (2018). pdf support information

125. "Piezotronics in Photo坼Electrochemistry "Y. Yu and X.D. Wang Adv. Mater., 30, 1800154 (2018).

124. "Study of Long-Term Biocompatibility and Bio-Safety of Implantable Nanogenerators " J. Li, L. Kang, Y. Yu, Y. Long, J. Jeffery, W. Cai and X.D. Wang Nano Energy, 51, 728-735 (2018). pdf support information

123. "Air-Flow-Driven Triboelectric Nanogenerators for Self-Powered Real-Time Respiratory Monitoring "M. Wang, J. Zhang, Y. Tang, J. Li, B. Zhang, E. Liang, Y. Mao and X.D. Wang ACS Nano, 12, 6156每6162 (2018). pdf support information

122. "Ionic Layer Epitaxy of Nanometer-Thick Palladium Nanosheets with Enhanced Electrocatalytic Properties " X. Yin, Q. Chen, P. Tian, P. Zhang, Z. Zhang, P.M. Voyles and X.D. Wang Chem. Mater., 30, 3308-3314 (2018). pdf support information

121. "H2V3O8 Nanowire/Graphene Electrodes for Aqueous Rechargeable Zinc Ion Batteries with High Rate Capability and Large Capacity " Q. Pang, C. Sun, K. Zhao, Y. Yu, Z. Zhang, P.M. Voyles, G. Chen, Y. Wei and X.D. Wang Adv. Energy Mater., 4, 1800144 (2018). pdf support information

120. "Decoupling the Charge Collecting and Screening Effects in Piezotronics-regulated Photoelectrochemical Systems by using Graphene as the Charge Collector" X. Chen, L.N. German, J. Bong, M.B. Starr, Y. Yu, Y. Qin and X.D. Wang Nano Energy, 48, 377-382 (2018). pdf support information

119. "A Wafer-scale 1 nm Ni(OH)2 Nanosheet with Superior Electrocatalytic Activity for the Oxygen Evolution Reaction" P. Tian, Y. Yu, X. Yin and X.D. Wang Nanosclae ,2018, 10, 5054-5059. pdf support information

118. "Computation of Electronic Energy Band Diagrams for Piezotronic Semiconductor and Electrochemical System" L.N. German, M.B. Starr, X.D. Wang Advanced Electronic Materials ,2018, 1700395. pdf support information

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117. "Cellulose-Based Nanomaterials for Energy Applications" X.D. Wang, C. Yao, F. Wang, Z. Li Small ,2017, 13, 1702240. pdf

116. "SAir-Stable Porous Fe2N Encapsulated in Carbon Microboxes with High Volumetric Lithium Storage Capacity and a Long Cycle Life" Y. Dong, B. Wang, K. Zhao, Y. Yu, X.D. Wang, M. Qiang, J. Song Nano Letter ,2017, 17 (9): 5740每5746.

115. "Unit Cell Level Thickness Control of Single-Crystalline Zinc Oxide Nanosheets Enabled by Electrical Double-Layer Confinement" X. Yin, Y. Shi, Y. Wei, Y. Joo, P. Gopalan, I. Szlufarska, X.D. Wang Langmuir ,33 (31): 7708每7714 (2017). pdf support information

114. "Single-crystalline Germanium Nanomembrane Photodetectors on Foreign Nanocavities" Z. Xia, H. Song, M. Kim, M. Zhou, T. Chang, D. Liu, X. Yin, K. Xiong, H. Mi, X.D. Wang, F. Xia, Z. Yu, Z. Ma, Q. Gan Science Advances ,3: e1602783 (2017).

113. "Nature Flexible, and Transparent Conductive Substrates from Green and Earth-Abundant Materials" B. Yang, C. Yao, Y. Yu, Z.Li, X.D. Wang Scientific Reports ,7: 4936 (2017). pdf support information

112. "Chemically Functionalized Natural Cellulose Materials for Effective Triboelectric Nanogenerator Development" C. Yao, X. Yin, Y. Yu, Z.Cai, X.D. Wang Adv. Funct. Mater ,1700794 (2017). pdf support information

111. "Simultaneous Enhancement of Charge Separation and Hole Transportation in a TiO2每SrTiO3 Core每Shell Nanowire Photoelectrochemical System" F. Wu, Y. Yu, H. Yang, L. German, Z. Li, J. Chen, W. Yang, L. Huang, W. Shi, L. Wang, X.D. Wang Adv. Mater. ,1701432 (2017). pdf support information

110. "Surface-Plasmon-Resonance-Enhanced Photoelectrochemical Water Splitting from Au-Nanoparticle-Decorated 3D TiO2 Nanorod Architectures" H. Li, Z. Li, Y. Yu, Y. M, W. Yang, F. Wang, X.D. Wang J. Phys. Chem. C, 121 (22), 12071每12079 (2017). pdf support information

109. "Wafer-scale synthesis of ultrathin CoO nanosheets with enhanced electrochemical catalytic properties" F. Wang, Y. Yu, X. Yin, P. Tian, X.D. Wang J. Mater. Chem. A, 5, 9060-9066 (2017). pdf support information

108. "Enhanced photoelectrochemical efficiency and stability using a conformal TiO2 film on a black silicon photoanode" Y. Yu, Z. Zhang, X. Yin, A. Kvit, Q. Liao, Z. Kang, X. Yan, Y. Zhang, X.D. Wang Nature Energy, 2, 17045 (2017). pdf support information

107. "Research Update: Materials design of implantable nanogenerators for biomechanical energy harvesting" J. Li, X.D. Wang APL Materials, 5, 073801 (2017). pdf

106. "Atomic Layer Deposition for Advanced Electrode Design in Photoelectrochemical and Triboelectric Systems" J. Su, Z. Li, Y. Yu, X.D. Wang Adv. Mater. Interfaces, 4, 1600835 (2017). pdf

105. "Hybrid graphene@MoS2@TiO2 microspheres for use as a high performance negative electrode material for lithium ion batteries" Q. Pang, Y. Zhao, X. Bian, Y. Ju, X.D. Wang, Y. Wei, B. Liu, F. Du, C. Wang, G. C J. Mater. Chem. A, 5, 3667-3674 (2017).

104. "Hierarchical Branched Vanadium Oxide Nanorod@Si Nanowire Architecture for High Performance Supercapacitors" Z. Li, F. Wang, X.D. Wang Small, 13, 1603076 (2017). pdf support information

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103. "Kinetics-Driven Crystal Facets Evolution at the Tip of Nanowires: A New Implementation of the Ostwald-Lussac Law" X. Yin, X.D. Wang Nano Letters, 16.11 (2016): 7078-7084. pdf support information

102. "Triboelectric nanogenerators and power-boards from cellulose nanofibrils and recycled materials" C. Yao, A. Hernandez, Y. Yu, Z. Cai, X.D. Wang Nano Energy, 30, 103每108 (2016). pdf support information

101. "Aldehyde-functionalized porous nanocellulose for effective removal of heavy metal ions from aqueous solutions" C. Yao, F. Wang, Z. Cai, X.D. Wang RSC. Adv., 6, 92648-92654 (2016). pdf support information

100. "All-Textile Triboelectric Generator Compatible with Traditional Textile Process" L. Zhang, Y. Yu, G.P. Eyer, G. Suo, L.A. Kozik, M. Fairbanks, X.D. Wang, T.L. Andrew Adv. Mater. Technol., 1, 1600147 (2016).

99. "Amorphous Si/SiO2 distributed Bragg reflectors with transfer printed single-crystalline Si nanomembranes" M. Cho, J.-H. Seo, D. Zhao, J. Lee, K. Xiong, X. Yin, Y. Liu, S. Liu, M. Kim, T.J. Kim, X.D. Wang, W. Zhou, Z. Ma J. Vac. Sci. Tech. B., 34, 040601 (2016).

98. "Piezoelectric and Triboelectric Dual Effects in Mechanical-Energy Harvesting Using BaTiO3/Polydimethylsiloxane Composite Film" G. Suo, Y. Yu, Z. Zhang, S. Wang, P. Zhao, J. Li, X.D. Wang ACS Appl. Mater. Interfaces, 8 (50), 34335每34341 (2016). pdf support information

97. "Patterning at the 10 nanometer length scale using a strongly segregating block copolymer thin film and vapor phase infiltration of inorganic precursors" J.W. Choi, Z. Li, C.T. Black, D.P. Sweat, X.D. Wang, P. Gopalan Nanoscale, 8, 11595-11601 (2016).

96. "Biocompatibility and in vivo operation of implantable mesoporous PVDF-based nanogenerators" Y. Yu, H. Sun, H. Orbay, F. Chen, C.G. England, W. Cai, X.D. Wang Nano Energy, 27, 275每281 (2016). pdf support information

95. "Mesoporous Piezoelectric Polymer Composite Films with Tunable Mechanical Modulus for Harvesting Energy from Liquid Pressure Fluctuation" Z. Zhang, C. Yao, Y. Yu, Z. Hong, M. Zhi, X.D. Wang Adv. Funct. Mater.,26(37), 6760-6765 (2016). pdf support information

94. "High-Density Platinum Nanoparticle-Decorated Titanium Dioxide Nanofiber Network for Efficient Capillary Photocatalytic Hydrogen Generation" Z. Li, C. Yao, Y.-C. Wang, S. Mikael, S. Gunasekaran, Z. Ma, Z. Cai, X.D. Wang J. Mater. Chem. A, 4, 11672-11679 (2016). pdf support information

93. "Enhanced Photoelectrochemical Performance from Rationally Designed Anatase/Rutile TiO2 Heterostructures" F. Cao, J. Xiong, F. Wu, Q. Liu, Z. Shi, Y. Yu, X.D. Wang, L. Li ACS Appl. Mater. Interfaces, 8, 12239每12245 (2016). pdf support information

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86. "Wedding Cake Growth Mechanism in One-Dimensional and Two-Dimensional Nanostructure Evolution" X. Yin, J. Shi, X. Niu, H. Huang, X.D. Wang Nano Lett., 15, 7766每7772, 2015. pdf support information

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78. "Red Fluorescent Zinc Oxide Nanoparticle: A Novel Platform for Cancer Targeting" H. Hong, F. Wang, Y. Zhang, S.A. Graves, S.B.Z. Eddine, Y. Yang, C.P. Theuer, R.J. Nickles, X.D. Wang, W. Cai ACS Appl. Mater. Interfaces, 7, 3373每3381 (2015). pdf

77. "Development of Lead Iodide Perovskite Solar Cells Using Three-Dimensional Titanium Dioxide Nanowire Architectures" Y. Yu, J. Li, D. Geng, J. Wang, L. Zhang, T.L. Andrew, M.S. Arnold, X.D. Wang ACS Nano, 9, 564每572 (2015). pdf support information

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76. "Cellulose nanofiber-templated threedimension TiO2 hierarchical nanowire network for photoelectrochemical photoanode" Z. Li, C. Yao, F. Wang, Z. Cai, X.D. Wang Nanotechnology, 25, 504005 (2014). pdf

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