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A Postdoc Fellow position opening

New 3D-printed artery can monitor blockages from the inside

Prof. Xudong Wang won the Presidential Early Career Award for Scientists and Engineers (PECASE)

Implantable device aids weight loss

Science News briefed our bioelectronic works

It¡¯s not a shock: Better bandage promotes powerful healing

Chunhua Yao passed PhD defense, Congratulations!

About Us
We are a nanoscience and nanotechnology research group in the department of Materials Science and Engineering at the University of Wisconsin-Madison. Our research focuses on novel nanomaterial growth and nanodevice development for advanced nanoelectronic systems and energy harvesting.
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Two-dimensional nonlayered materials for electrocatalysis
Energy & Environmental Science. (2020).

In vitro study of enhanced photodynamic cancer cell killing effect by nanometer-thick gold nanosheets
Nano Research. (2020).

Multifunctional Artificial Artery from Direct 3D Printing with Built©\In Ferroelectricity and Tissue©\Matching Modulus for Real©\Time Sensing and Occlusion Monitoring
Adv. Func. Mater. (2020).

Professor Xudong Wang's Nanoscience and Nanotechnology Group
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