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Resorbable biomaterial is major step toward implantable devices. 2021.07.15
Self-powered implantable device stimulates fast bone healing, then disappears without a trace. 2021.07.05
New 3D-printed artery can monitor blockages from the inside. 2020.07.21
A hat that zaps the scalp with electricity helps reverse male balding. 2019.09.19
Electric impulses: New tech could help reverse baldness. 2019.09.12
Prof. Xudong Wang won the Presidential Early Career Award for Scientists and Engineers(PECASE)! Congratulations! 2019.07.02
Implantable device aids weight loss. 2018.12.17
Science News briefed our bioelectronic works! 2018.12.13
ItĄ¯s not a shock: Better bandage promotes powerful healing, also from News at six. 2018.11.29
Chunhua Yao passed his PhD defense, Congratulations! 2018.11.16
Renewable energy flooring takes a step forward at Union South, also from News 3. 2017.09.07
Yanhao Yu passed his PhD defense, Congratulations! 2017.8.17
Xin Yin passed his PhD defense, Congratulations! 2017.8.15
Welcome Corey Carlos joining our group! 2017.8.04
Professor Xudong Wang was honored with Vilas professorship, Congratulations! 2017.6.19
Professor Xudong Wang's lab was among finalists in GovernorĄ¯s Business Plan Contest! 2017.6.7
Yanhao Yu and Xin Yin recieved Chinese National Outstanding Student Scholarship, Congratulations! 2017.5.5
Lazarus German recieved a 3M Fellowship, Congratulations! 2017.4.28
Move over, solar: The next big renewable energy source could be at our feet, also from ISTHMUS, Digital trends, New Scientist, EBR and more. 2016.12.20
Zhaodong Li passed his PhD defense, Congratulations! 2016.4.30
New nanogenerator harvests power from rolling tires, also from CNBC, youtube, AZONano, Tire Asia and more. 2015.9.1
Welcome Lazarus German joining our group! 2015.9.1
Dalong Geng passed his PhD defense, Congratulations! 2015.5.1
Vibration energy the secret to self-powered electronics, also from UW News, R&D Mag, Phys.org, Milwaukee Journal Sentinel and more. 2014.2.20
Welcome Chunhua Yao joining our group! 2013.9.1
Fei Wang passed his PhD defense, Congratulations! 2013.9.1
Welcome Dr. Jianye Li joining our group! 2013.5.1
Jian Shi passed his PhD defense, Congratulations! 2012.11.21
Welcome Yanchao Mao, Xin Yin and Yanhao Yu joining our group! 2012.9.12
Nanoscale piezoelectric materials could shake up chemistry 2012.8.30
Large Semiconductor Membranes Made In A Dish. Reported by C&EN 2012.2.16
Dr. Xudong Wang won NSF CAREER Award. Congratulations! 2012.1.29
Welcome Zhaodong Li and Dr. Ping Zhao joining our group! 2012.1.15
Jian Shi won 2011 MRS Fall Meeting Graduate Student Award. Congratulations! 2011.12.2
Breathing life into medical devices. reported by Enducation in Chemistry 2011.11.2
Jian Shi won 2011 Graduate Excellence in Materials Science (GEMS) Award. Congratulations! 2011.10.19
Chemical World: Breathing life into medical devices. 2011.10.3
Electricity from the nose. also from Science Daily, PhysOrg 2011.10.3
Dr. Xudong Wang won DARPA Young Faculty Award. 2011.9.13
Welcome Dalong Geng joining our group. 2011.5.20
Dr. Xudong Wang won 3M Nontenured Faculty Award. 2011.3.7
Nanowerk: New process successfully grows uniform 3D nanowire networks. 2011.2.8
Jian Shi won Turnbull Award for best research paper in materials science. 2010.5.6
Welcome Matthew Starr joining our group. 2010.4.23
Jian Shi's nanoflower won the Science As Art Compitition. 2010.4.8
Welcome Dr. Chenglinag Sun joining our group. 2009.8.1
Dr. Xudong Wang won Ross Coffin Purdy Award. 2009.7.23
Welcome Dylan Bayerl joining our group. 2009.7.1
Jian Shi's paper on the cover of ACS Nano. 2009.6.25
Technology Review: A hybrid nano-energy harvester. 2009.4.9
Welcome Fei Wang and Jian Shi joining our group. 2009.1.1

Professor Xudong Wang's Nanoscience and Nanotechnology Group
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