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X.D. Wang, J. Shi "Methods for the growth of three-dimensional nanorod networks", US Patent filed. Jan. 2011.
No. 13/008,170
X.D. Wang, Z. Ma, F. Wang, J.-H. Seo "Wafer-scale production of single, free-standing oxides nanomembranes for transparent and flexible electronics", US Patent filed. May 2010.
No. P100129US01.
Z.L. Wang, X.D. Wang, J.R. Morber, J. Liu "One-step synthesis and patterning of aligned polymer nanowires on a substrate" US Patent No. 8,053,376.
Z.L. Wang, X.D. Wang, J.H. Song J. Zhou, J.-H. He "Nanogenerator Compressing Piezoelectric Semiconducting Nanostructures and Schottky Conductive Contacts" US Patent No. 8,039,834.
Z.L. Wang, X.D. Wang, Y. Qin, R. Yang "Flexible Nanogenerators" US Patent No. 7,982,370
Z.L. Wang, X.D. Wang, "Hybrid Solar Nanogenerator Cells" US patent.
US Patent No. 7,705,523.
X.D. Wang, Z.L. Wang, E. Graugnard, J.S. King, C.J. Summers "Large Scale Patterned Growth of Aligned One-Dimensional Nanostructures" US Patent No. 7,351,607

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